Wenge Wood Tea Tray


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This Wenge Wood Tea Tray is made from the Wenge wood, and the texture is clear and beautiful. This tea tray is designed as Drawer-style, so it is very easy to wash.
    1. Material: Wenge wood
    • Dimension: 33 cm in length, 23 cm in width and 5 cm in height. It is suitable for 1-3 persons use.

      The wenge wood is distributed in subtropical areas and the main producing area is Southeast Asia and South America. This kind of wood has slightly aroma and is famous for its beautiful texture. It is always loved by scholars and the many consumers.

      The Wenge Wood Tea Tray is designed as Drawer-style, and the tea liquid directly flows into the water storage disc. So you only need to take out the water storage disc and wash it. It is very convenient.

      1. The maintenance of this Wenge Wood Tea Tray is very easy. During the first few times, you need to put warm tea towel on the tea tray and let the tea tray adapt to the absorbing. After using, must dry the water and avoid exposure, baking, etc. If you do not use it for a long time, you should use water moisten it.
      2. This Tea Tray is made from natural wood, so it maybe appears small cracks during using. It is a normal phenomenon.

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