Vase Cha Dao Set Tea Utensil 6 Pieces


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Tea ceremony sets are an additional set of tools to allow you to have a Gongfu (and other) tea ceremonies. Tea ceremony sets in China are also known as Junzi Liujiantao and normally contain a tea container, a set of tea tongs, a tea funnel, tea spoon, tea scoop and a tea pin.

  • Material: Wenge wood
  • Component:
    Tea Scoop, 茶勺 (Cha Shao): used for ladling out dry teas from tea caddy into the tea holder, or into your gaiwan and teapot.
    Tea Tweezer, 茶夹 (Cha Jia): a tool for picking the tea cup to protect your fingers from heat, or taking tea leaves out from Yixing teapot.
    Tea Pin, 茶针 (Cha Zhen): for clearing the small tea leaves which blocking the filter holes in Yixing teapots, so that the water can go to the spout smoothly.
    Tea Spoon, 茶匙 (Cha Shi): used to transfer tea leaves from the tea holder to your tea pot or your gaiwan.
    Tea Funnel, 茶漏 (Cha Lou): is a cylindrical funnel used to direct the flow of tea into Yixing teapot, and also used to prevent the tea from overflowing.
    Tea Container, 茶筒 (Cha Tong): The tea container is matched to the tea set and is made to hold your utensils such as your tea tongs, tea pin, tea funnel, tea spoon and tea scoop.

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