Thriving Bloom Flower Tea


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Made from a base of high quality Mao Feng green tea, combined with Chrysanthemum, Globe Amaranth and Jasmine Flower.  It is blooming elegantly with a beautiful Globe Amaranth in the center of green tea buds, like a flower coming out in spring and Jasmine stuck upon the red flower.

  • Grown in Hulin(湖林), Fuding, Fujian, Chnia
  • Handmade of Jasmine, Globe Amaranth, Chrysanthemum, Mao Feng Green Tea
  • A fragrant, sweet taste, lingering flower scent mixed with tea flavor
  • Low caffeine (less than 10% of a cup of coffee)
  • Brew a single tea bundle in a clear glass in boiling water. Glass Cup: 10cm in height, over 7cm in diameter.

This blooming tea is made with high quality Mao Feng Green Tea, Jasmine, Globe Amaranth, and Chrysanthemum.
The flower tea will bloom elegantly when soaked in water with a beautiful Globe Amaranth in the center of green tea buds, like a flower coming out in spring.  A small jasmine is stuck upon the red flower like a butterfly enjoying its aroma and nectar.  As you see in the picture, its visual effect is so special that keeping you in spring garden.  The aroma is rich and refreshing, the taste is with strong and fragrance long-lasting.  You will be able to smell the nature mellow of the tea and flower with an art enjoyment.

How to brew

Place one bundle of Thriving Bloom Flower Tea ball in a clear glass or teapot and carefully add boiling water, then brew for 2 to 3 minutes. When adding water later, avoid pouring the water in too quickly. We suggest carefully pouring the water slowly down the side of the teapot, instead of directly into it. Flower tea can be infused 2 or 3 times.

Perfect Assortment

Glass Teapot for Flower Tea
Clear Glass Teapot for Flower Tea

Where is our Thriving Bloom Flower Tea produced?

Our Thriving Bloom Flower Tea is produced in Hulin, Fuding, Fujian, which is located in the northeast of Fujian and is one of the famous tea-producing areas.

Map of Fujian Province

Fuding belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate, which is characterized by the distinct oceanic climate. The average annual sunshine lasts 1840 hours; the average annual temperature is 18.5°C; average annual precipitation is 1661.6 millimeters.


About Tea Farmers

Mr. Lin Xingbiao has been a professional tea farmer for thirty years. Born in a traditional tea family, he was deeply influenced by his family and built his own tea factory in 1966. With the gradual growth of his factory, he is trying to seek the common development between enterprise and tea farmers.

He thinks that the most challengeable factor is the weather. If tea leaves suffered from bad weather, the yield would be reduced and the quality would not reach the standard.

If tea leaves suffered from cold weather, straws would be used to cover them and protect them from being frosted. This is what Mr. Lin gets from his experience over the years.

fujian_gardenScenery for origin product place

Therefore, the first priority is to strictly control product quality and ensure its reputation. Mr. Lin, together with his tea factory, will continue to provide high-quality tea leaves and regularly increase the number of tea factory which provides the healthy and natural tea beverage for the public.


Process of making Flowering tea (Blooming Tea)

Flower tea combines the flavor of flower and tea, meanwhile brings people a strong experience of its bright color. The choose of materials and the making methods of flower tea has greatly affected this special effect.

In order to give the flower a complete blossom when brewed, our technicians will skillfully needle the bottom of the flowers, then bind tea and flower together before carefully neatening the Mao Feng tea buds.

Brief Health Info

Thanks to the combination of green tea leaves and dehydrated flowers, blooming tea has many health benefits such as delaying the ageing of cells, whitening the skins, improving immunity etc.

The infusion of the Marigold flower is originally produced in Europe. You can eat it directly or brew for beverage, which can help you remove heat, eliminate toxins, nourish the liver, improve visual acuity, beautify skin, and promotes better digestion.

Globe Amaranth is originally produced in tropical America. It can clear the liver, eliminate phlegm, relieve a cough, and prevent asthma.

Jasmine can harmonize the stomach, regulate the flow of vital energy, nourish the liver, improve visual acuity, help produce saliva and slake thirst. Jasmine flower has the benefits for refreshing mind, aiding weight loss, clearing the throat, and eliminating freckles and wrinkles.

original jasminThe original material in the Jasmin Garden


  • Brewing Show: Thriving Bloom Flower Tea

    Brewing Show: Thriving Bloom Flower Tea

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