Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea


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An oolong tea comes from Taiwan, carries a quiet and beautiful fragrance of flower. Taste the typical flavor of high mountain tea.

  • Origin Place: Mingjian Village (名间乡), Nantou, Taiwan
  • Fresh Leaf: one bud with two or three leaves
  • Dry Tea: small and tight particles, glossy
  • Flavor: fragrant and brisk, with sweet aftertaste
  • Tea Leaf: after brewed, the leaves are soft, presents jade green color.
  • Infusing: can be infused for over 7 steeps.

Although Taiwan originates from Fujian, China, its flavor is quite distinct with Fujian Oolong tea. Like this Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea, it is recommended for beginners of Taiwan oolong. Different from the high aroma of Fujian Oolong, this tea has light floral fragrance. When sip the liquid, you can feel the sweet taste. If you want to taste new flavor, or try Taiwan Oolong, you can start with this Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea, by experiencing its flower scent and sweet flavor.

Recommend Brewing Guide:
Western Method Chinese Gongfu Way
Water : 17oz / 500ml 203℉ / 95℃ Water : 3oz / 85ml 203℉ / 95℃
Use 1 Tablespoon / 8 Grams Tea Use 7 Grams Tea
1 - 5 mins 6 steeps : rinse,25s,25s,30s,60s,70s,80s
Teapot may be your choice Gaiwan or yixing teapot may be your choice
Rinsing time is around 5 seconds

The tea tree of this tea grows at the altitude around 800 meters. The tea garden lies in Mingjian Village in Nantou, which was one of the main production areas of Taiwan Oolong in early period. The tea garden pays attentions to the tea’s processing. The leaf produced here is naturally sweet and fragrant. High mountain tea refers to the tea grown above the altitude of 800 meters. Those grown in the area lower than 800 meters are called low altitude tea. High mountain tea has obvious distinction comparing with low altitude tea, which is the thick leaf, unique floral fragrance. With the altitude getting higher, the tea will have better aroma and brighter liquid, as well as stronger and longer sweet aftertaste.

Taiwan High Mountain Tea

In Taiwan, the teas planted above 800 meters high can be called as High Mountain Tea. Main representative High Mountain tea includes Ali Shan Oolong Tea (altitude between 1000 meters to 1500 meters), Ali Shan LuZhu Tea, Shan Ling Xi Oolong (altitude at 1600 meters), Li Shan Oolong Tea (altitude over 2000 meters), and Da Yun Lin High Mountain Cha Wang Oolong Tea (altitude over 2500 meters).

taiwan oolong teaVertical Distribution of High Moutain Tea

Due to the cold, cloudy and short sunlight time, High Mountain tea is better in quality than teas grows in lower altitudes.

Origin Place – Mingjian Village in Nantou County

Mingjian Village (名间乡) is a famous tea area in the early ages. Now it has 250 thousand acres tea gardens. As an old tea area, Mingjian mainly plants Qingxin Oolong, Qingxin Damao. In 1980s, the village began to bring new species, including Jinxuan tree, Cuiyu tree and Sijichun Dingzu. This is the first place using machines to manage tea garden, such as weeding control, fertilize, clipping, watering, picking and so on. Consistent process guarantees the tea’s stable quality.

Map of Nantou, Taiwan

The altitude there is around 800 meters to 1600 meters. Soil contains abundant organic matters, meanwhile the climate is moisture with plentiful water. Annual average temperature here is around 20℃.

About The Tea Speices - Si Ji Chun

Si Ji Chun is the most widely cultivated Oolong tea tree in Nantou. This species sprouts early, can be picked in four seasons of the whole year (more than 6 pick times per year). It is consequently called “Si Ji Chun (Four Season Oolong)”.

The Tea Farmer

Mr. Lui Zhiqiang, is the sixth generation owner of his family tea business. He built the highest tea garden in Taiwan, which is on Fushou Mountain near Lishan Mountain. In 2006, Taiwan hosted the World Famous Tea Expo. Mr. Lui was one of the sponsors. He also founded the Taiwan Tea Roasting Technical Seminar. Besides of tea, he is also experienced in the firing skill of porcelain tea wares.

Lui keeps a unique understanding of building a tea garden. He said that the key of building a tea garden is to make the environment, soil, weather be integrated with the tea. He also mentioned that water is the most powerful kind of material to memorize information. 80% content of fresh tea leaf is water. The water will carry the characteristics of soil and weather into the tea leaves. Then they can make delicious tea and sweet tea liquid.
When talked about picking fresh tea leaves, Mr. Lui said except being tender, the fresh leaf must be thick and fleshy, as well as in bright green color. This is the requirement of picking for making good High Mountain tea. Lui thinks that every business is competitive, except for tea.

The speciality and high quality of Taiwan tea makes it unreplaceable. He said:” no matter what you do, tea business or others, you need to seek for the joy of the business. When talking about tea, talking about Fushou Mountain, talking about Da Yu Ling, I will feel joyful in my heart.”
Lui Zhiqiang and Angel Chen


  • An interview of taiwan high mountain tea garden - Fushoushan Farm

    An interview of taiwan high mountain tea garden - Fushoushan Farm

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