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Organic Gunpowder Green Tea (Zhu Cha)


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This infusion-enduring Organic Gunpowder Tea is a perfect affordable daily tea for green tea lovers.

Growing Area:
Tianmu Mountain(天目山), Lin’an County, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang
Tea type:
Green tea, Organic tea
Spring tea
Dry tea:
One bud with two or three leaves rolled into tight pellet shaped balls, olive green color.
Fried-bean aroma with hint of caramel.
Color of liquor:
Bright yellowish green color.
Fresh and brisk, mellow taste, with hint of caramel fragrance, enduring infusions.
Tree species:
Qunti Species
Tea Garden:
Bao Jia organic tea garden (about 800m above sea level).
Low caffeine (less than 10% of a cup of coffee)
Store in airtight, opaque packaging; keep refrigerated
Shelf life:
18 months


Organic Gunpowder green tea is traditionally created by plucking high grade long tea leaves from the tea trees, by hand-rolling them into small tight pellet shapes (also like discoid flower). It is normal that there will be some floating in the liquor because of the processing craftsmanship, which will not affect tea taste. The whole leaf is used in processing, so this tea when brewed allows the pellets to unfurl and dance in the hot water to produce a beautiful yellowish green, even golden color liquor with high aroma, fresh and brisk taste, with hint of caramel aftertaste lingers.

This infusion-enduring Organic Gunpowder Tea is a perfect affordable daily tea for green tea lovers.

    Recommend Brewing Method
    Western Method
    Chinese Gongfu Way
    Teacup: 8.8oz / 250ml
    Gaiwan: 3.8oz / 110ml
    194℉ / 90℃
    194℉ / 90℃
    Use 1 Teaspoons / 2 Grams Tea
    Use 5 Grams Tea
    Brewing time : 3 - 5 mins
    7 steeps : rinse,10s,15s,20s,25s,30s,40s,60s
    Glass tea cup : Clear Glass Tea Cup with Handle
    Gaiwan : Double Blue Lines Gaiwan - 110 ml

    Origin Place

    This Organic Gunpowder Green Tea (Zhu Cha) comes from Tianmu Mountain, located in Lin’an, northwest in Zhejiang Province, a distance of 84 kilometers away from Hangzhou. Tianmu in Chinese means the eyes on heaven. There is a pool on each top of east peak (elevation of 1480 meters) and west peak (elevation of 1506 meters) of Tianmu Mountain. The two pools look like the eyes that are watching the sky. This is how it was named.

    With elevation of 300 m to 1556 m, Tianmu Mountain is well-known for its typical forest ecosystem and landscape of middle subtropical regions.

    Map of Zhejiang province

    Tea garden

    PureTea's Organic Gunpowder Green Tea, Organic Tianmu Maofeng and Organic Tianmu Yunwu are all from Hangzhou Bao Jia organic tea garden.

    Surrounded by Kwun Tong reservoir (官塘水库), the Baojia organic tea garden where our organic green tea comes from is just located in somewhere in Tianmu Mountains in Lin'an, 800-1000 meters above sea level. At this elevation, superior geographical conditions enable good drainage and moderated sunshine, which are two crucial factors to tea growth.

    The average annual rainfall here is about 1, 550 mm. Tian Mu mountains are often covered by cloud and mist, which blocks, to some degree, the direct sun light on tea leaves so that the air humidity and diffuse light can be enhanced. Besides, the soil is high in organic content and has an acidic PH that is suitable for growing tea trees. Therefore, the end teas from this garden are especially tender and pleasant-smelling.

    Tea Farmer

    Ms Liao has been in tea industry for more than 10 years. Ms Liao, who always devotes herself to establish model of organic tea industry, owns more than 10 tea gardens, including organic tea gardens over 8,000 ares. Several of her tea gardens get the strict organic certification of USDA, EU, JAS.

    TeaVivre founder Angel and Ms Liao

    In August of 2010, dragon well long jing tea from Ms Liao’s tea garden won the first prize of hot tea class in tea championship of World Tea Expo in Las Vegas, America.

    Tea Tree species

    Qunti tea tree species, which is “mother” of Longjing 43, is also called “Lao Cha Peng” or “Tu Cha Ye” by the local tea farmers. It is the earliest species to produce Longjing Tea. “The eighteen imperil tea trees” that named by Qianlong Emperor is also this kind of tea tree species.

    Qunti tea tree species are easily to be recognized as they are irregularly planted and spread out. The picking time of this kind of tea tree is later than other species. The tea made by this kind of tea tree species is characteristics in its strong fried-bean fragrant, as well as floral and fruity fragrant.

    Our Organic Gunpowder Tea is made from the same tea tree species as Longjing, but with different picking time and processing ways which made them of different taste.


    Gunpowder green tea has been popular in China since the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD). It is one of China’s earliest export goods. In the Western world, green tea is just now taking on the popularity that it has in Asian countries, with more people in North America learning about varieties and the manufacturing process of green teas.

    Gunpowder green tea originated in Pingshui Town, Shaoxing City, in the Zhejiang Province of China. However, over the years the production of Gunpowder green tea has expanded to the Fujian Province, the Guangdong Province, the Anhui Province and the Hunan Province of China, where very high quality Gunpowder green tea can be grown and produced.

    At the time of Emperor Kang Xi (1661-1722 AD) of the Qing Dynasty, it became an Imperial Tribute tea. According to historical records, the export of Gunpowder tea reached a peak between 1843 and 1894, but is regaining popularity in modern times with the introduction of the digital age and the occurrence of the internet.

    At PureTea, we hold our standards of production to those which have been used for thousands of years to bring you the best Gunpowder green tea available!

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