Moonlight Lotus Herbal Tea


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Complex herbal aromas with evident fresh and sweet flavor giving you feeling of going back to nature.

Moonlight with Lotus Herbal Tea
Ingredients:  Lotus leaf, rose petal, chrysanthemum, orange peel, liquorice, chamomile
Aroma:  Sweet and floral with lotus scent, fresh and natural
Liquor:  Clear yellowish
Mouthfeel:  Immediate sweet, refreshing and pleasant

Caffeine Scale:  Caffeine free
Storage:  Keep this tea away from high temperature, sunlight, moisture and abnormal taste in a airtight container.
Shelf Life:  18 months


This spirited infusion has a good name “moonlight over the Lotus Pond “ (Chinese: 荷塘月色). It is beautiful to look at and deliciously tasty. These flowers and leaves ( rose, lotus leaf, liquorice) are traditionally known as promoters of good health. It may taste light at your first sip but after several minutes a combination of sweetness and light sour from rose and orange peel will gradually manifested themselves in your throat. It is a mild and perfect tea for herbal tea beginners.

Complex herbal aromas with evident fresh and sweet flavor giving you feeling of going back to nature.

Recommended Brewing Method

Western Method
Teapot: 17oz / 500ml
203℉ / 95℃
Use 5 Tablespoons / 7 Grams Tea
3 steeps : 5mins, 7mins, 10mins
Teapot may be your choice
*You can improve the tea flavor by changing the tea amount or adding rock candy, milk, and honey according to your personal preference.

Growing Area

Rose: Pakistan
Chamomile: Germany

Lotus, also known as Indian lotus, is one of two species of aquatic plant in the family Nelumbonaceae. Widely grown in subtropical or tropical area such as India, Australia and Japan, the cultivation of lotus in China can be traced back to 3,000 years. Lotus tea is rich in fiber and generally has better effects of helping digestion and clearing toxins by promoting our bowel movement when compared with other high-fiber foods.

About herbal tea
Herbal tea refers to any beverage made from the infusion or decoction of plant material including flower, stem, or leaf even plant root. These 100% natural ingredients without any artificial colors and caffeine content can guarantee its good quality. So we can say these good-looking herbal teas, being rich in nutrients (such as Vitamin B, C, and E), are not only pleasant to look and but also healthy to drink.

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