Jasmine Dragon Ball Black Tea


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Jasmine scent will be obvious when brewing it with western methods, while the Dian Hong flavor will be obvious when brewing it with Chinese Gongfu way.

Jasmine --- Hengxian, Nanning City, Guangxi Province, China
Tea --- Jinggu, Pu'er City, Yunnan Province, China
Spring Tea
Harvest time:
April 2016
Plucking Standard:
One bud with one leaf
Dry Leaf:
Hand rolled into ball-like shape covered with a few golden tips. Each ball, with dried jasmine flowers, is roughly 9 grams.
Jasmine and honey scent
Bright orange-red color
With slight jasmine scent, it tastes mellow and smooth with sweet taste and lingering fragrance in mouth.
Tea Bush:
Yunnan large-leaf tea species (over 80 years old)
Tea Garden:
Jiu Tai Po Tea Garden
Fully fermented
High caffeine (nearly 40% of a cup of coffee)
Store in airtight, opaque packaging; keep refrigerated
Shelf life:
36 months


This Jasmine Dragon Ball Black Tea is an innovative flowering tea combining the jasmine flowers with Dian Hong Black Tea. Dried jasmine has been added into the tea during the molding process. You will taste its jasmine fragrance while brewing, especially brewing with tea cup, even without the process of tea scenting. The first steep will show both the scent of jasmine and the sweetness of Dian Hong, and the longer you brewing the heavier flavor you will taste. In addition, because the tea leaves come from ancient tea trees, its taste will be heavier than normal Dian Hong black tea. So it may be little difficult for people who is used to drinking Keemun black tea or Min Hong black tea to accept the taste. However, if you are a Dian Hong tea lover, you may fall in love with the unique flavor of ancient tree tea.

Recommend Brewing Method

Cup Method
Chinese Gongfu Way
Teacup: 12oz / 355ml
194℉ / 90℃
Use 1 piece
Brewing time: 5- 8 mins

Glass tea cup: Glass Tea Mug with Infuser
Gaiwan: 3.8oz / 110ml
194℉ / 90℃
Use 1 piece
9 steeps : Rinse,25s,35s,45s,55s,35s,35s,35s,
Gaiwan: Double Blue Lines Gaiwan - 110 ml

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Type: Black Tea

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