Huang Shan Dried Chrysanthemum (Gongju)


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Huang Shan Dried Gong Ju is from 1200 Meters High Mountain. It is grown in She County in Huangshan City, Anhui Province, which is famous for planting huangshan maofeng green tea and chrysanthemum. Gong refers to pay tribute to the emperor. The tributes are called gong ping, which must be famous and be of the best quality. And this Dried Chrysanthemum Gongju is helpful to protect liver and eyes. It can reduce heat and help to clean toxin.

Taste the Huang Shan Gongju from 1200 Meters High Mountain
  • Grown and produced in She County in Huangshan City, Anhui
  • Harvest Time: picked in October, called as autumn chrysanthemum
  • Recommended storage condition: refrigeration
  • White petal, small yellow centre, even size of each flower, soft and fragrant.
  • If brew only Gongju, the liquid is light green and bright, tastes slightly bitter with sweet aftertaste.
  • After brewed, petals and the center will fully spread in the water; each flower is in complete shape. The liquid is pellucid and bright.
  • Meaning of Gong Ju: Gong refers to pay tribute to the emperor. The tributes are called gong ping, which must be famous and be of the best quality.
  • Huang Shan Gongju Dried Chrysanthemum is helpful to protect liver and eyes. It can reduce heat and help to clean toxin.

Being an excellent sort that selected from all the species of chrysanthemum, Huang Shan Dried Chrysanthemum Gongju can be used either for exhibiting or as medicine. Its origin is in She County on the elevation of 1200 meters, which is well-known as the “Home Town of Tea” in Huangshan City. She County produces Gong Ju, as well as the high qualified Huang Shan Mao Feng. In traditional Chinese medicine, chrysanthemum has always been a significant drug in use. It is praised as “Flower of longevity” because of its unique substance which can anti-aging and promote the decomposition and excretion of cholesterol. Meanwhile chrysanthemum is good for beauty care: it is helpful for blood circle and good skin.

Known as one of the four noble flower in China (plum blossoms, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum), chrysanthemum is often seen as Chinese poem theme. It’s a representative flower of the Double Ninth Festival. What’s more, it is a traditional drug in Chinese medicine.

Gongju, short for Huang Shan Dried Chrysanthemum Gongju, is produced in Anhui Province. Therefore it is also called as Huiju or Huizhou Gongju. This specie of chrysanthemum used to be tribute for the emperor, which is the implication of “Gong”. Analysis from the aspect of traditional Chinese medicine, chrysanthemum is cool in character, and is a kind of renowned Chinese medicine. It is helpful for reducing heat, improving eyesight, cleaning toxin. For family use, chrysanthemum can be directly infused with water; or be brewed together with tea, which will enrich the liquid’s flavor and aroma. Dried chrysanthemum is better to be stored in freezer.

Health Benefits of Dried Chrysanthemum Gongju

Chrysanthemum owns high praise among Chinese poets. It is not only a beautiful sight of view, but also a kind of useful medicine. Its health benefits, such as protecting liver and eyes, make it favored by many people.

In ancient times, our ancestors described chrysanthemum’s medicinal characteristic as cool. That’s why this flower is suitable for summer as an herbal drink, so as for people with heavy inner heat.

Chrysanthemum’s Benefits of Protecting Liver and Improving Eyesight

Liver plays an important role in de-toxing in human body. The effect of chrysanthemum of reduce inner heat can help to expel toxin. Regular drinking of dried chrysanthemum will be good for blood and liver.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, problems in eyes are often caused by the heavy burden of liver. Thus the liver-helpful chrysanthemum will be good for eyes. On the other hand, chrysanthemum contains plenty of Vitamin A, which is an important substance for eye health. Consequently, chrysanthemum is beneficial for people suffering high liver heat or the problem of dry eyes. Like most office workers who feel uncomfortable due to dry eyes, chrysanthemum will be strongly recommended to them.

One thing needs to be paid attention to is that chrysanthemum is cool in characteristic. In consequence it is not suitable for long-term drinking for people who is sensitive of cold, or has cold hands and feet, as well as weak stomach.

Infusing Method

A clean glass cup will be good for infusing dried chrysanthemum. Use 2-3 grams (15 -25 pieces) for one brew, and then pour hot water (about 200 ml) into the cup. If you have three or more guests drinking it, you may need a glass tea pot. We recommend you our Glass Tea Sets. For tea pot’s use, take a handful of dried chrysanthemum (5-7 grams), and brew for 2-3 minutes. Then pour the liquid into every small glass cup. You can put crystal sugar in the liquid, making it taste sweeter.

It’s better not to finish the liquid off every time. We suggest you to remain some water in the cup or pot. One third of the vessel’s capacity will be suitable. Then add new hot water and wait for a while. The dried chrysanthemum has brisk and sweet flavor, as well as medicinal qualities. That’s why it is so loved by people.

Where is Our Huang Shan Dried Chrysanthemum From?

She County, also called as Shexian County, is a famous historic and cultural city lying in the south of Anhui Province. It geographically locates at 118°15′E to 118°53′E, 29°30′N to 30°7′N. The county belongs to Huangshan City, covers an area of 2122 square kilometers, and owns a population of 490,000.

Shexian County, Huangshan, Anhui

This Huang Shan Dried Chrysanthemum Gongju comes from Daguyun Village, which locates in the northwest in Xitou Town in She County. The village covers an area of 12 square kilometers with the population of 1520. Originally it was called Dagu, implicating high mountains and deep valleys. Daguyun lies in remote areas in high mountains, at which the air is clean, the climate is moisty and the four seasons are distinct due to subtropical monsoon climate. Local people plant tea tree for a living. No other farm crops can be found in this place. The famous Shexian Mao Feng is produced in this village. Being different from Normal Huang Shan Mao Feng, the Mao Feng tea in here has leaves like sparrow’s tongue, meanwhile looks straight and elegant. The chrysanthemum is grown together with the trees of Mao Feng Tea in the same tea garden. Been taken great care of by tea workers, the chrysanthemum here has high quality and decent flavor.

The Legend of Chrysanthemum

We have introduced why the Huang Shan Dried Chrysanthemum is called Gongju in former paragraphs. But you may wonder why this chrysanthemum can be paid as tributes to the emperor. It was said, in Qing Dynasty, an epidemic of pinkeye broke out in the palace of the Forbidden City. None of the doctors that the King had found did anything useful for solving the problem. At that urgent time, the prefecture governor of Huizhou presented Huizhou Gongju to the King. Patients were asked to infuse the dried chrysanthemum, then drink the liquid, wash their eyes with the liquid. Soon the pinkeye in the city was conquered. As a result, the Huizhou chrysanthemum was renowned nationally, and ordered as tributes by the King himself.

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