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Antique Fanggu Yixing Teapot has elegant shape. Fanggu originally refers to model the teapot into the shape of drum, in Chinese called as仿鼓. Nowadays modern people imitate this ancient shape to make this Antique Style Fanggu Yixing Teapot.

  • Teapot: Antique Style Fanggu Yixing Teapot 仿古紫砂壶
  • Maker: Sun Wen
  • Material: Vermilion clay
  • Origin Place: Yixing (宜兴), Jiangsu Province.
  • Sintering Temperature: 1080℃
  • Dimensions of 130ml teapot :11.5 cm * 6 cm * 7.5 cm
  • Dimensions of 200ml teapot :13 cm * 7 cm * 9 cm

Fanggu, written in Chinese as 仿古 (fǎng gǔ), is originally know as another phrase: 仿鼓 (fǎng gǔ). 仿鼓 means the teapot is modeled after the appearance of drum. This style started since Qing Dynasty. Till now people still make this teapot by imitating its old crafting style. So it is renamed as 仿古, meaning making the teapot in an antique style. This Antique Style Fanggu Yixing Teapot is small, short and plump. Inner wall is smooth and flat. Lid and pot perfectly fit with each other. The spout and handle are shaped in symmetrical position. This exquisite Yixing Teapot is an excellent choice for tasting good teas.

Feature: The body looks like a drum. So it is also called 仿鼓.

Bottom: smooth and neat, carved with the maker’s name.

Shoulder: Fanggu Yixing Teapot must have high shoulder in order to keep a powerful appearance as drums.

Mouth: the mouth of the teapot is even.
Lid button: lid button of this Fanggu Yixing Teapot is made not tightly stick to the lid. It is also shaped into drum-like appearance.

The Potter: Sun Wen, female potter, is born in the hometown of Zisha Ceramic, Dingshu Town in Yixing, Jiangsu, whose parents are both skillful potters of old Yixing manufactures. She learnt abundant knowledge of traditional method of making Yixing tea wares. Her works are simple, elegant, looks plain yet exquisite.

Yixing tea wares made of vermilion clay have vermilion color after produced. That’s the reason the clay is called vermilion clay. This material originates in Yixing. It is tough, containing high amount of iron. Thus vermilion clay has high shrinking rate. The sinter temperature of vermilion clay is around 1080℃. The end production has fine and smooth surface and high air permeability.

Note: because vermilion clay has high shrinking rate, the teapot will be easy to crack under instant temperature change. It’s better to warm up the teapot with warm water before pouring boiling water into the pot. Vermilion clay is a kind of tender material which needs your careful maintenance.

Manual Making of Yixing Teapot

This is the normal manual process of Yixing teapot, not specificly refers to the making of Antique Style Fanggu Yixing Zisha Teapot

1. Crafted clay.

2. Use a wooden mallet to beat the clay into three pieces of slice.

3. Make three different slices for teapot body, mouth and bottom.

4. Cut the clay into standard size with a measure.

5. Bend the piece of body over the mold into tube shape.

6. Adjust the tube.

7. Use left hand finger to prop up the clay, and then pat the upper part of the tube with a wooden mallet.

8. Pat the tube.

9. Pat the tube.

10. Pat the tube.

11. Stop patting. Close up the upper part the tube into the shape of teapot bottom.

12. Install the bottom piece.

13. Turn over the tube.

14. Pat another side, till the mouth’s size meets requirement.

15. Install the mouth piece.

16. Adjust the body by patting it with a wooden board.

17. Adjust the body. Modify the outline.

18. Finish adjusting. Let the clay dry till it’s ready for the next step.

19. Glue mud, the only binder used for making Yixing teapot, is also the diluent of the material clay.

20. Make the lid. Use a measure to draw the outline of the lid on the top the body.

21. Install the spout. Measure the height of the spout and mouth to ensure they are at same level.

22. Punch the holes for the spout.

23. Punch the holes for the spout.

24. Finish the holes.

25. Measure the height of the spout, handle and mouth to ensure they are at same level.

26. Final adjustment.

27. The making of this Yixing teapot is finished.





  • How to Season Yixing Teapot

    How to Season Yixing Teapot

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