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Shou Mei tea cake is a kind of white tea. Handpicking fresh tea leaves (one bud with two or three leaves) from Da Bai Cha species as material, the finished tea cakes are graded according to their quality. From high to low, white tea has four grades: Silver Needle – White Peony – Gong Mei or Shou Mei – new technique white tea.

Original Place:
  • Fuding (福鼎), Fujian, China
Tea Tree:
  • Fuding Da Bai Hao speices
  • Harvest Time: 2011
  • Production Date: Dec 26, 2013
  • Weight: 380g
Appearance:  loosely compressed, obvious big leaf with white pekoe.
Flavor:  full, strong, has fresh and brisk aroma
Tea Leaf:  glossy and soft after brewed, remained in complete shape.
Tea Liquid:  bright and clean in yellowish orange color.

White tea is a non-fermented tea grown and harvested primarily in China, mostly in the Fujian and Zhejiang province. As one of the six famous Chinese teas, this tea owns its name for its white appearance. As a result of the particular process without baking and rolling, white tea leaves are coated with tiny white pekoes.

White tea has quite loose tea leaves which are not easy to carry around. For convenience, they are usually shaped into cakes. Taste has nothing to do with the tea’s shape. Loose tea and cakes of same quality can yield the same taste. 

There is another good reason for people to compress loose white tea leaves into a cake, not merely for storage or transit, but also for letting the tea mature. Year later, the tea gets smoother and softer, will become sweeter and mellower. This white tea cake is made of tea leaves picked form Da Hao and Da Bai Cha tea trees grown in Fuding, Fujian.

It is Shou Mei grade, weights 380g. In Fuding Town, there is an old saying about this tea: it is tea in the beginning, will turn into medicine three years later, and becomes treasure after seven years. Aged white tea cake is definitely valuable to drink.

What Does Shou Mei Mean?
Different from White Peony tea, the making of Shuo Mei tea only include three steps: picking – wilting – drying.

Shuo Mei belongs to white tea. The ideal fresh leaves for making this tea should be one bud with two or three leaves. Silver needle tea (single bud or one bud with one leave) - White Peony White Tea (one bud with two leaves) – Gong Mei and Shou Mei (one bud with 2 - 3 leaves) – new technique white tea (one bud with 2 - 3 leaves) represent the four quality grades from high to low level.


Shou Mei has fewer pekoe and the leaves are thinner than Silver Needle white tea. It looks greyish green in appearance because of those pekoes. This tea features its neat and tightly shaped tea cake and large leaves adhering to tea buds. It looks beautiful.

Teas shaped in cake are good to storage and natural oxidation:
When taking about how to store white tea, compared with loose tea leaves, the cake is a good choice. Being shaped into cakes, it gets better as it grows older.

The reason: teas in cake shape (with only small amount of tea leaves exposed in air directly) can obviously slow oxidative reaction, at the same time promote interior fermentation happened in the tea cake, making the tea:

  1. more delicious
  2. have more attractive aroma in dry tea
  3. have better colour in tea liquid
  4. more tasteful

Aged White Tea Cake

– Abundant in Sugar with Excellent Flavor

Sugar is the core to white tea’s flavor. They can make more attractive tea and bring more delicious taste. White tea contains three kinds of sugar, including monosaccharide, disaccharide, and polysaccharide, as well as other substances such as starch and cellulose. But for fresh white tea leaves, the more substances it has, the less green and tender the fresh leaves will be. Although tea leaves chosen for making Shou Mei is not the best, after a serious of complicated steps, Shuo Mei cake can still have the wonderful sweet taste.

Brief Health Info

White tea contains various functional components, including caffeine, tea polyphenol, tea polysaccharide, theaflavin, theanine and so on, which are beneficial for human health in multiple aspects. For example, tea polypgenol can anti-aging, by antioxidation and clearing free radical away; caffeine is diuretic due to its function of restraining the re-absorbing of sodium, chloridion and water; flavanols, and also caffeine, help to refresh mind and remove fat.

Where is this Tea Produced

PureTea's Fuding Shou Mei White Tea Cake 2013 is from Mt. Taimu in Fujian province, on the south eastern Chinese coast.

This tropical mountainous coastal area is perfect for growing White Tea. It has abundant rainfall and temperatures that are neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter. The mountains around the farms are more than 80% forested, ensuring the soil has a high natural fertility and organic content, removing the need to use fertilizers.

Map of Fujian province

About Tea Tree

Materials for making white tea are from finite tree species which should have stout and strong buds and distinct pekoes, such as Fu Ding da bai cha, Fu Ding da hao cha. They are mainly planted in Fuding and Zhenghe in Fujian Province. The species in Fuding is Fu Ding Da Hao, “Da hao” for short. It is asexual propagation, belonging to semi-tree form. In 1985 it was certificated as national variety in the number GS13002-1985. Its plant could reach up to 2.8 meters high, and has obvious trunk. Spring tea, which contains 1.8% of amino acid and 28.2% of tea polyphonels, is the material of high quality for making Silver Needle White Tea and White Peony Tea.

About Tea Farmer


Lin Jian, who was born in Fuding, Fujian, has been living under the environment of teas. His father, grandfather and great-grandfather are all tea farmers. When he was in elementary school, he helped to pick the tea after school at the tea picking time when there’s not enough people to pick the tea. The dream of engaging in tea business was came up at that time. He said: “My original idea is to make a good life for my family by tea business. But from 1993 when my tea business was gradually developed, I changed my mind. Fuding is the best place of planning white tea. So I want to create a long-term Organic Tea business.” Through our contact with Mr Lin, we felt that he is a man of frankness, speaking quickly, walking quickly and working quickly.

Not exaggeratedly speaking, now Lin Jian is the first founder of Chinese white tea. He owns near 2800 acre high quality tea gardens in Fuding including 500 acre organic tea garden which is the only organic tea garden in Fujian that has passed the USA, Europe and Japan organic certification. He also owns 200 acre Jasmine tea garden in Guangxi. Meanwhile his heshan organic tea base was regards as the national agricultural standard base.

In 2008, his Silver Needle White Tea won the gold medal at the annual Chinese White Tea festival in Beijing.

Organic Tea Garden for Silver Needle White Tea

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