Double Blue Lines Gaiwan - 150 ml


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The body of this handmade Xiaoying Teapot is gradually narrowing from the shoulder to the bottom, besides, the rounded base adds a sense of solidness to the teapot. Unlike common rounded knob, the knob of Xiaoying teapot was shaped into a water drop, which looks lovely and exquisite. The curved lid coordinates naturally with the curved body, and they both fit perfectly with each other, which brings the teapot good sealing. The wide shoulder with narrow neck has clear and fine lines, and the spout is designed with three bendings, which indicates a flying bird. This novel and exquisite design not only make this teapot more elegant and exquisite, but also bring out the dynamic and vigor of Xiaoying teapot. In addition, the handle of this pot is carved to resemble a trace of smile, which makes people feel relaxed and delighted.

Production Place:
Dehua, Fujian
White Porcelain (白瓷)
Hand-painted Strings Pattern
150 ml
186 g
Maximum Height: 8.5 cm; Maximum Width: 9.2 cm
With a large capacity of 150 ml, this Gaiwan is suitable for brewing pu-erh tea and sharing with several friends.

White Porcelain

As a traditional porcelain in China, among celadon porcelain (青瓷), blue and white porcelain (青花瓷), painted porcelain (彩瓷), the white porcelain (白瓷) is made of porcelain which has low content of iron, and then covered with clean and transparent glaze. Unlike painted porcelain, white porcelain doesn’t have fabulous patterns or colorful appearance, but it is the pure and bright white color makes white porcelain possess the charm of naturalness and elegance.

玄纹 (xuán wén)

玄纹 (xuán wén), also called double-lines, is one of the most classic lined ornamentation in Chinese ceramic art. Among all the ornamentations, lotus, dragon and phoenix patterns are the most common. Although looks simple, the hand-painted double lines require masterful craftsmanship, even for professional and experienced craftsmen, painting the parallel and smooth lines is not very easy to complete.

Origin place – Dehua

Located in Fujian province, Dehua County enjoys great reputation for ceramic and porcelain production. White porcelain made from Dehua has bright and pure white color with great light transmission. The ivory white (象牙白) and Chinese white (中国白) have been well known both in home and abroad since Ming and Qing dynasty. He Zongchao, Lin Chaojing and Zhang Shoushan, etc were the most famous ceramic artists in Ming dynasty.

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