Chinese Porcelain Ceramic Teapot Set with Two Cups


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This Ding Porcelain Set including one tiny teapot and two tea cups. White color which can show the tea liquor color clearly. High quality, simply and noble tea set. Good choice for two persons use.

Noble tiny teapot for two persons use

Contains: 1 tiny teapot + 2 Tea Cups
Material: Ding Porcelain (定窑)
Origin: Dehua (德化), Quanzhou, Fujian (one of the Top 3 famous porcelain and ceramic places)
Dimensions and Capacity:
Teapot: 3.3” W x 2.8” H (8.5cm x 7cm) 175ml (5.9oz)
Tea Cup: 2.7” W x 1.4” H (6.8 cm x 3.5cm) 60ml (2.0oz)
Net weight: 330g

Ding is one of the five famous kilns (including: Run汝, Guan官, Ge哥, Ding定, Jun钧) in Song Dynasty
Moon white glaze, soft pure color
Shows the noble quality of Porcelain
It’s soft pure color can make you clearly enjoy the original tea liquor color

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Type: Teapot

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