Blue-And-White Porcelain - Multifunctional Lotus Gaiwan


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Gaiwan originated in China and is preferred by tea lovers worldwide. In China, they are also called three-talent-bowl (三才碗) which embodies the harmonious relationship between heaven, human and earth. This blue lotus Gaiwan shown in pictures above is our first multifunctional Gaiwan, hope you can enjoy it.

  • Capacity: 200 ml (to brim)
  • Height: 11 cm
  • Diameter: 9.5 cm
  • Packaging: Boxed
  • Region: Fujian, China
  • Materials: blue-and-white Porcelain, Glass, Stainless steel

Brief introduction of Gaiwan

As one of the most common tea-drinking utensils, Gaiwan originated in China and has profound significance in Chinese tea culture. They are typically made from beautifully glazed ceramic or porcelain and consist of 3 components.

The topmost component is called “Gai” (盖, lid) symbolizing the sky or heaven. The middle component shaped like a bowl is “Wan” (碗, bowl), but smaller than a typical Chinese rice bowl and has tapered rim, extend far from the lid to allow cooling for handling. It symbolizes the human sphere. The last but not least is named as “Tuo” (托盘, saucer) , as the base, representing the earth or ground. From this point, Gaiwan carries the concept of Chinese philosophy which advocates the harmonious relationship between heaven, human and earth.

As a specialized tea/teaware online shop, PureTea has wide connections with ceramic producers and suppliers in China and is always looking for excellent products for both tea beginners and connoisseurs around the world.

This handy Gaiwan presented before you is our featured tea set in March, expressly designed and chosen for travelling and also for home use. As you can see, this porcelain Gaiwan has blue lotus flowers and Chinese calligraphy characters drawn on the body. Lotus flowers have been venerated as the embodiment of integrity, uprightness and righteousness in Chinese culture. These characters“荷 香 秀 色”(Lotus fragrance and Beautiful scenery) sketches a peaceful scene where someone with a tea cup in hand standing beside the West Lake, lifting his eyes, seeing the blooming lotus flowers dancing in blue water, enjoying the aroma permeating in breeze. Everything is quiet and peaceful!

This portable Gaiwan consists of four parts, besides the three mentioned above it has an extra transparent glass cup which makes this Gaiwan seems to be unfamiliar with those in your memory. Its lid is round with an insulated knob raised right above. The biggest difference lies within the “wan “part, at the bottom of which you can find small holes and a stainless steel strainer designed for preventing tea residues, and outside matched a detachable transparent cup showed in pictures. This glass cup has three functions:

  • Firstly, it can be used as a lidded tea cup in which the tea is brewed
  • Secondly, being regarded a tea brewing vessel, from which the tea is then poured into a secondary jug or other tea cups.
  • Thirdly, through color of water leaked from the bottom of “Wan “you can roughly control the brewing time and water temperature accordingly. This advantage is especially useful for beginners who want to get a cup of tea with proper taste.

This glass cup is large enough to accommodate tea brewing, yet small enough to be held comfortably for serving cup use. Hope you like it!

Please note that: Gaiwan is rigid and fragile, Please handle with care! Don't put it upside down.

Five steps teach you how to use Portable Gaiwan properly

1. Put dry leaves first and then add water into the Gaiwan

2. Cover Gaiwan lid and let brew for a few minutes.

3. Lift Gaiwan slightly to create enough space to let water out through small holes at the bottom of Gaiwan.

4. Share the tea liquid into tea cups.

5. Enjoy, and then repeat.

Notes: 1. when rinsing teas you can also refer to above steps. Just do fast and discard the first “rinsed” infusion. 

2. be careful not to scald yourself by hot water when lifting Gaiwan and pouring into tea cups.
3. The small pieces of tea residues or leaves may block the stainless steel infuser, we reommand to brew a strip-type or bold-shape tea with this Gai Wan.

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