Bamboo hat-shaped tea cup


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Bamboo hat shaped tea cup is smartly designed like a wide-brimmed rain hat. It is perfect for service during a private conversation or Gongfu tea show.

This elegant Gongfu tea cup is made in Jingdezhen, a well–known porcelain capital in Jiangxi, China. Shaped like bamboo hat (a wide-brimmed rain hat), this exquisite hand-painted tea cup embodies a perfect balance between precise design and elegant beauty.

  • Material: porcelain
  • Diameter: 85 mm
  • Height:36 mm
  • Net weight: 40g
  • Capacity:74 ml (2.61oz)
Bamboo hat shaped lotus tea cup

Featured by its wide opening and a narrow bottom, this lovely Gongfu tea cup shaped like Chinese traditional bamboo hat is made of pottery in Jingdezhen. Blooming lotus flowers, vivid moving fishes drawn by seasoned artist for decoration not only inherit the exquisite drawing skills, but also embody the ancient Chinese cultural breath. Besides, the smooth and lily-white glaze, thin and translucent porcelain body, simple and graceful body lines manifest its superb production techniques. There is no doubt that it deserves to be a piece of premium quality tea artifact from Jingdezhen with a long history of ceramic making and splendid ceramic culture.

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