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Matcha Serenity Green Tea Powder High Quality Ceremonial Japanese 30g


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Matcha Serenity is the perfect choice for your daily moment of serenity. With a rich taste and velvety texture, Matcha Serenity is the most cost-effective matcha for daily consumption, and has a light-bodied aftertaste that will be sure to please your palette.


Ceremonial Grade matcha represents the finest quality of matcha available to the world. Only the youngest, most delicate leaves from the top of the tea plant are carefully hand-picked to be used for ceremonial matcha. The process of shading and the careful selection of leaves gives ceremonial matcha the delicious umami flavor that it is known for. Unlike ingredient grade matcha, ceremonial matcha is meant to be served pure as usucha (“thin tea”) or koicha (“thick tea”). Ceremonial matcha was traditionally used by Buddhist monks, samurais, and emperors to help with meditation and focus. With a single cup of our premium ceremonial matcha, you will feel more energized, focused and refreshed than ever before.

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